It's like magic!

There's a lot of different ways to get your Silver all shiny and glossy again, some better then others. Here are our two cents about how It could (and should) be done! 

Silver gets tarnished when the sulfur (that is present all around us in the atmosphere) gets in contact with the silver. It shows up on your jewellery as black spots. Take a glass bowl and cover the bottom with aluminium foil. Boil two cups of water and while the water heats up you add a tablespoon of baking soda over the aluminium foil. Put your jewellery on the foil and add one more tablespoon of baking soda over the silver. Then gently pour over the water.

Wait until the water is cold enough to be able to pick your silver up by hand, and voilà! You can actually see the tarnish vanishing from the silver as it is in the water. After that your silver has been treated you just go over it with a soft cloth to remove spots.

Annoying spots that want go away?

Polish your jewellery with a soft cloth and ketchup (Yes Ketchup). It's effective, yet a lot more gentle then many commercial polishing products. Never use toothpaste as it contains abrasive particles that can scratch your jewellery.