Are you strong, confident and share our love for Paws?

We have a very limited collaboration with social media influencers. With that said; We're always interested in hearing more from those of you who truly share our values and have a wide network spreading it in. We belive in the word-of-mouth and if you like what we are doing, we're excited to show of our fabulous stuff together with you.We have had a very large number of requests lately (We could'nt be happier!);

But we are, for now, therfore urged to kindly ask only those of you who:

- Share our values

- Have a social media network of at least 20 000 followers

to contact us in this matter right now. We don't offer economic compensation to those who colloborate with us a but we do provide brilliant and gracefull jewellerys.

Are you still with us?
Please send an e-mail to and we will get back to you shortly!