From us to the yours with love.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened

Anatole France 

With love for paws.

Tassel is built up on our own love for the paws in our home, and those in our immediate vicinity. Like many others, we have sometimes experienced a skepticism of a great, sometimes almost indescribable, love and affinity between us and our paws.

But to us, what Jeffey Kluger at the Times writes, applies to all paws:

"With dogs, things are different. Our world and their world swirled together long ago like two different shades of paint. Once you’ve achieved a commingled orange, you’re never going back to red and yellow."

The love is breathtaking, and we will always show who matters the most to us. Thats the reason we created Tassel, to share with our dearest darlings. The pendants were first out; There is more to come.

"Tass" is Swedish for Paw. Inspired by the love from, and for, our dearest darlings. Tassels mission is to visualize the love, caring and connection between paws and people. We're strong, confident and our vision is to show more love to all paws through our jewellery and accessories for the aware pawperson.

Tassel Jewellery are, of course, made of solid, geniune 925 silver.

The pendants are molded by hand of skillful silversmiths in Sweden. We use one of the finest silveralloys there is, Sterling Silver. Of course all our pendants are nickel-free.

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