Pure Silver

Pure Silver is to soft to be used in Jewellery, therfore most cheaper silverjewelry are made in zink, copper or other metals and is then plated with a thin layer of silver on the surface. It's called "Plated" and isn't really silver (except for the thin layer around your jewellery.

Between that and the "Fine Silver Standard" there is a few different variations, but the next real level is what most finejewellerys are made of; Sterling Silver, also known as 925 silver, representing the purity of the silver in the jewellery is 92,5%. 

Therfore, jewellery in Sterling silver is popularly known as ”Pure Silver”, tough it contains 7,5% other metals, only mixed in there to make it hard enough to function as a jewellery. 

When buying fine silver jewellery; Make sure there is a stamp there asuring it is made of pure silver; Often a stamp saying ”925” or "Sterling". Sometimes jewellerys are sold as "925 plated" A tricky way to deceive, as the seller gives the impression that the jewellery is genuine 925 silver, although at the same time stating it's just plated.

Also, make sure the jewellery dosen't contain any nickel as it may cause allergy, buying from a serious jewellerydealer is a good start.

Tassels jewellerys are, of course, made of solid, geniune silver. The pendants are molded by hand of skillful silversmiths right here in Sweden. We only use Sterling Silver. The "925" stamp assures the authenticity. 

Also, if there were any doubt, all our pendants are nickel-free.